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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Feeling much lighter...

At least when it comes to toys in the kids' room.  We got rid of so many toys yesterday.  Zoe of course kept pulling things back out the bags and boxes, saying "But that's my favorite__________."  Mean mommy kept putting it all back in when she wasn't looking.  We've pared it down immensely. I sent home 3 bags of toys, plus several big stuffed ones, with my mom.  I didn't want to completely get rid of them.  Just get them out of their room.  We will swap them back in a few months. Abbie has her own baskets of toys on the floor so she can reach them.  Zoe has the big toy box and even with removing 3 bags worth of toys, she still has it full.

Christmas was good to them.  We didn't get to buy them very much but we got the main things they both wanted.  Or that I thought they wanted in Abbie's case.  However, family more than compensated.  They still haven't gotten the Christmas presents from my grandparents.  I didn't think they would be getting anything from them so I honestly didn't even think about it.  However, my grandma called the other day and she and my grandpa apparently bought the kids some presents. Color me surprised.

Update for Abbie:  She's doing very well.  She is crawling, walking while holding on to the coffee table and couch, and fighting with her sister.  I'm so proud of how far my baby has come.  Just a week ago, she was very sick.  RSV is nothing to play with at all.

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