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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Juliet by Anne Fortier

This book splits its attention between present day Julie Jacobs (aka Guilietta Tolomei) and 1340s Guilietta Tolomei. The historical story of Romeo and Juliet is at the center of this book and plays out in present day Siena as well as in 1340.  Julie Jacobs is descended from the original Juliet (Guilietta. Upon the death of her mother and father, she and her twin sister Janice were sent to live with her aunt. Her aunt suddenly passes away and Janice is left with everything. This is a huge shock to Julie since her aunt always said they would share her fortune.  Umberto, her aunt's butler/housekeeper/jack of all trades, presents Julie with a letter and safe deposit key to a safety deposit box belonging to her mother.  The box is located in Siena, Italy which is the twins' birthplace.  Upon taking the key and starting off on her journey, Julie begins an adventure that will make sure her life will never be the same. The premise of the story is that Romeo and Juliet did not take place in Verona but actually in Siena.  The historical aspects of the story are wonderful. I listened to the audio version and it was absolutely heaven. Hearing the Italian names correctly pronounced and the accents-wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and the ending was so suspenseful. I think this was a great book and highly recommend it.

New York to Dallas by JD Robb

This is a recent book in the In Death series. It begins with LT. Eve Dallas bemoaning the necessity of paperwork. Unfortunately, she gets a reprieve in the form of an prison escapee from her past. Isaac McQueen has escaped from prison and begins his new reign of terror. Through flashbacks, we see how a lucky break lead Eve to his door and ultimately sent him away. During his prison time, he has been cooking up a plot to get back at her that will take her away from her known territory of NYC back to Dallas where she was able to break free of the years of abuse at the hands of her father. The storyline is fast paced and brings a new cast of characters. Peabody is still involved but only superficially. I like the story for the most part but felt like it ended too perfectly. It was almost too easy to be true. But I did like it.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

13 Hangmen by Art Corriveau

This book was an advance copy received from the publisher, Abrams, through It is written for juveniles age 8 and older. I enjoyed the story. I felt like it really drew me in and the characters were really fleshed out. The story is based on a boy who receives an inheritance from an older great-uncle. He is gifted a house with the understanding that he will complete a few minor tasks in order to keep it. Unfortunately, a creepy neighbor wants the house also and Tony wonders if he would kill to do so. Throughout the story more boys are introduced who also have a connection to the house and each other. I recommend this book for boys and girls in the pre-teen age group. I think that it's a highly enjoyable read with some history thrown in without being too overly dramatic about it. The story does have some inconsistencies with real history but the author does specify which parts are not necessarily truth.

Friday, December 30, 2011

The Peculiars by Maureen Doyle McQuerry

While not quite like anything I’ve ever read before, this book was very good.  Set in an alternate 1800s, the characters were engaging and the backstory was completed so skillfully that I never felt lost.  I enjoyed watching Lena grow into her ‘peculiarities’ such as they were.  After deciding to look for her long lost father in the strange land of Scree, Lena meets a cast of very different characters on her travels.  Jimson is an unlikely librarian in a house with a very mysterious master.  I really enjoyed this book and the ending was most delightful.  It always gives me a warm feeling inside when bad guys get their just desserts. This book is set for release to the public in May of 2012 in hardcover.  I received this book as an advanced copy thanks to the publisher, Abrams and Amulet Books, and 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

White Dusk by Susan Edwards

I received this book as an e-book from and the publisher, Carina Press.  I enjoyed reading this book.  It is the second in the series by this author that is being re-released. I don't normally read romance novels but the first story (White Dawn) really drew my attention.  In this novel, Swift Foot has returned to his tribe to do what is expected of him-marry a woman from a neighboring tribe selected for him by the tribal council. This act is essential to his ascension to the role of chief. At first, he doesn't believe he can find love with this strange girl/woman named Small Bird.  She, on the other hand, believes that they are destined to be together.  There is drama, romance, sex and violence in this book.  The ending of the book leads into the third book in the series and I can't wait to read it also. The story follows the couple as they join in marriage and deal with the doubt of their fellow tribe members on the leadership of Swift Foot and the safety of Small Bird and the rest of the tribe in the face of a threat from another Indian tribe. The culmination of the book watches as the fight between tribes comes to a head and it is discovered that the fight has been aggravated by a member of their own tribe.  I think that this book is definitely worth picking up.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Monday, December 12, 2011

Rough Country by John Sandford

I really enjoyed listening to this book. Virgil Flowers is definitely one of a kind in this book by Sandford. I loved the story and even though I thought I knew who may have been behind the murders, I was still very surprised at the way everything played out in the end. I guess you never know what love will drive you to do. I had my suspicions about what may have happened in the past but Sandford has a way of showing you what happened in the best, most delicious way possible. I recommend this book for anyone who enjoys cop dramas.