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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

White Dusk by Susan Edwards

I received this book as an e-book from and the publisher, Carina Press.  I enjoyed reading this book.  It is the second in the series by this author that is being re-released. I don't normally read romance novels but the first story (White Dawn) really drew my attention.  In this novel, Swift Foot has returned to his tribe to do what is expected of him-marry a woman from a neighboring tribe selected for him by the tribal council. This act is essential to his ascension to the role of chief. At first, he doesn't believe he can find love with this strange girl/woman named Small Bird.  She, on the other hand, believes that they are destined to be together.  There is drama, romance, sex and violence in this book.  The ending of the book leads into the third book in the series and I can't wait to read it also. The story follows the couple as they join in marriage and deal with the doubt of their fellow tribe members on the leadership of Swift Foot and the safety of Small Bird and the rest of the tribe in the face of a threat from another Indian tribe. The culmination of the book watches as the fight between tribes comes to a head and it is discovered that the fight has been aggravated by a member of their own tribe.  I think that this book is definitely worth picking up.

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