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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

13 Hangmen by Art Corriveau

This book was an advance copy received from the publisher, Abrams, through It is written for juveniles age 8 and older. I enjoyed the story. I felt like it really drew me in and the characters were really fleshed out. The story is based on a boy who receives an inheritance from an older great-uncle. He is gifted a house with the understanding that he will complete a few minor tasks in order to keep it. Unfortunately, a creepy neighbor wants the house also and Tony wonders if he would kill to do so. Throughout the story more boys are introduced who also have a connection to the house and each other. I recommend this book for boys and girls in the pre-teen age group. I think that it's a highly enjoyable read with some history thrown in without being too overly dramatic about it. The story does have some inconsistencies with real history but the author does specify which parts are not necessarily truth.