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Sunday, May 6, 2012

New York to Dallas by JD Robb

This is a recent book in the In Death series. It begins with LT. Eve Dallas bemoaning the necessity of paperwork. Unfortunately, she gets a reprieve in the form of an prison escapee from her past. Isaac McQueen has escaped from prison and begins his new reign of terror. Through flashbacks, we see how a lucky break lead Eve to his door and ultimately sent him away. During his prison time, he has been cooking up a plot to get back at her that will take her away from her known territory of NYC back to Dallas where she was able to break free of the years of abuse at the hands of her father. The storyline is fast paced and brings a new cast of characters. Peabody is still involved but only superficially. I like the story for the most part but felt like it ended too perfectly. It was almost too easy to be true. But I did like it.


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